Jo In Hyuk
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Look at these colors! I am so obsessed with popupshop. They’re clothing is phenomenal and beautiful

Also look at the self love!!

2 cute you 2


As a Virgo, I feel attacked


Santa Fe, New Mexico


virgos have so much to say, so many thoughts circulating and surging through their mind it that it crashes into each other and sometimes they end up saying nothing at all

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leela gandhi the queer desi academic of my dreams

soo true
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the second issue of the coalition zine is here!
thank u to all the babes that came thru and all the babes that supported us, im so grateful and honoured to present this to u guys and to work with the ppl that i did in order to create this, thank u so much. i hope u guys like it! 
also shoutout to bianca jagger, who’s our cover gorl just cause she’s rad. 
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valuing romantic love over the love you get from friendships and (a healthy) family is stupid. falling trap to an unhealthy world created by you and your lover of just consumption of one another and losing a strong identity and passions outside of each other is poison and will make you crazy. establish and don’t compromise yourself, especially not on things you feel non-negotiable. you are important outside of and without romantic love.

The Internet
Love Song 1
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Fresh stuff for #capsulemarketsquare today (at Capsule Market Square)
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