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FKA twigs for The Fader Magazine (set #2)

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I want to sleep in here
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I luv u
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Egon Schiele, Liebende [Lovers], c.1909
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Virgo & Virgo Rising

If we (the planets and I) have yet to make it clear, we will attempt to do so now: Serve and protect you assets like they really are worth serving and protecting. No, we aren’t talking about money, though that could be part of it. Yes we are talking about all the beautiful gifts that you bring to the table. Yes we are talking about all the things that you do that you take for granted. There are things that come so naturally to you that you fail to recognize them as the gifts that they are. Yes we are talking about your dreams and your visions, the various ways that your soul wishes to express itself and the gifts that you have inherited from your ancestors. Yes these things are worthy of your loving shelter. Yes these things are worthy of your compassionate gaze and yes these things are your goldmine this lifetime. You may be tempted to pour your energies into bottomless cups/cutie pies but that would just be a distraction; a way to take yourself out of the very important task at hand. It would/could also be a distraction in a much more destructive way. Spending time and energy on attractions that you know deep down inside will only lead to that empty hearted feeling come nightfall is a way of staying committed to being a victim. 100% NOT OK. In fact anytime this week you hear yourself starting to complain about how so and so made you do such in such I want you to take a step back, slap some sense into yourself and take responsibility for your own damn decisions. Do not get stuck in the patterns of your people if they do not benefit your being. There are some inheritances that we actually don’t want to claim, carry forward or live out. Travel lightly with only the essentials (love, forgiveness, wisdom and patience) in your fanny pack. The eclipse at the end of the month has you journeying into the unknown so use this week to get unencumbered. Save room for unexpected joy and unplanned optimism.

Virgo: You’re going to feel so full of fire this week, so full of strange bendy energy, so full of emotion that’s very familiar and very new and heavy in your blood. Try not to let this energy stay all cramped and dark inside you. Don’t let it poison your days. Don’t let it make you afraid. Drive through your city or drive through the woods and feel yourself in motion; feel the world move around you. Let this wild fire flow out of you, let it flow through you, let it make you unstoppable.

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