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cancers and virgos can both suffer digestive upset as a result of psychic distress. cancer’s nausea, sea sickness and sugar cravings can result

from inexplicable worries and replays of trauma, awful imaginative displays and having a lack of security; financial or physical. also nausea from…


1970 Chicano Moratorium

44 years ago today, 30,000 marched in East LA in the Chicano Moratorium in protest of the Vietnam War, and in an act of self-determination for Chicanos. Historians believe the Chicano Moratorium was one of the largest anti-war protests of its day and the first to call attention to the number of Chicanos disproportionately represented in Vietnam.

Thousands who gathered at Laguna Park after the march to listen to speakers and performers were forced to run for cover after deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department began brutally attacking march-goers with night sticks. Reporter Rubén Salazar was one of them.

Salazar, who was a well-known journalist, was killed later that evening at the Silver Dollar Bar on Whittier Boulevard when sheriff’s deputies shot a tear gas canister into the bar. The canister hit Salazar in the head and killed him instantly. Salazar had clashed with local police in the months before his death, reports the LA Times. Ángel Díaz and Lynn Ward also died that day.

See documentary on the Chicano Moratorium. More stories here.

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Research for an upcoming article I’m writing:

It’s too bad that so much anarchist news writing has to be written in this voice that literally plays a teenage hardcore boys hardcore track in my head with its scream n whine, hyperbolic use of adverbs, and upsetting sentence structure, but this is a riveting read.


june jordan means a lot to me.

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librarian type vibes with my new glasses.


last year, friday 8/9/13 was the last time i saw jusdeep~~ he took this flick at the thrift store when we were finding funky jackets n dress shoes for him. this was a day after camp gian at his gurdwara. He got attacked by all the lil kids with their water balloons ha…he brought a lot of joy, humor and lightness to those lil onesmy ma said she had chai waiting for him at my home. He had to leave to go to some wedding reception so she joked that she would freeze his chaa for him…i remember saying goodbye to jus as tho i would not see him for a long time its rly been a yr…damnhis spirit & energy is alive, i rly feel it & i also feel a lot of warm/meethi loveespecially when i discovered new fotos & videos yesterday haaii rab love ur chosen families, be present, love urself, document, show up for urself n for ur loved ones, love ur lovers unconditionally 

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R. M. Young (1987). Racist society, racist science. In D. Gill & L. Levidow (Eds.) Anti-racist science teaching(pp. 16-42). London: Free Association Books. (via homoarigato)

remember when i posted about how science can be oppressive and i got hate mail and hundreds of notes of people calling me stupid

yeah that was fun 

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Remember that time when they made up a disease for black ppl when we didnt wanna be stuck as slaves?

Remember when they operated on black women with no anesthesia to get modern gynecological surgical procedures?

Remember when they sterilized poor woc without consent to keep us from ‘creating more undesirables’?

Remember when the government allowed Black men to go untreated with Syphilis even after a cure was discovered?

Remember when minority heavy areas in cities were sprayed with radioactive material to ‘test’ how America could handle a nuclear fallout?

Oh, you dont? Because I do…

Go look it up. Every single one was done by a white supremacist nation called America.


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replacing my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less

Frida Kahlo (1907.07.06-1954.07.13)
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